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Swank Beauty represents an outstanding level of service and technical standards both in the beauty and makeup industry with an exceeding level of customer service and attention to detail. I believe that every client should enjoy a fabulous experience every time they book me.
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​​ Five Star Reviews​ 

                  Leanne was my make-up artist for my wedding and engagement shoot and I have no regrets. 
Leanne was extremely organized and punctual-- she asked everyone to send photos of themselves and their makeup preference beforehand AND was very responsive to emails/phone. She is also just a sincerely kind, pleasant, stress-free person to have in the 'bridal room' where you end up spending hours getting ready. It was like she was one of the gang. And it cannot be under-estimated how much this makes a difference when it is otherwise so easy to get stressed.
She was also extremely flexible with impressive stamina, because of course at least 5 extra people threw themselves onto the makeup chair including my father! :D And she had no qualms when people preferred to use their own makeup or asked them to redo/make adjustments afterwards. 
                 For my makeup, we also used the engagement shoot as our planning session, which was really valuable because I don't wear a lot of makeup so have trouble knowing what I want. But after the photos she was able to make adjustments so that come the wedding, I really loved my look . She is super open to feedback and has no ego, just wants to make her clients happy.  In addition her prices are some of the most reasonable that I've seen after doing quite a bit of research. I think what made me the happiest though was how much my cousin and sister-in-law just LOVED their makeup . They couldn't stop talking about it and also how much they enjoyed chatting away with Leanne as she did her thing.
                              Leanne is amazing! She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable, and at ease, asking and listening to my style preferences. She’s more than a makeup artist, she’s a miracle worker! Thank you for making me look beautiful!!

                          Leanne is very good at what she does, stays professional, but makes the experience fun and comfortable! BOOK HER!!!
Donna T:
                             Leanne with Swank Beauty gives personal and professional attention to makeup needs. She was awesome to work with and I was very pleased with my makeup result. She will make me a beautiful mother of the bride! 
                              I recently went for a trial makeup consultation in prep for my daughter’s wedding. Leanne was professional, organized, and did a great job. I hired her to do my makeup on wedding day. I know Leanne will do a Fantastic job.